social media


Billion Social Users

In 2022, we have seen an almost 8% increase in active users from 2021


Daily Minutes

The average adult spends 95 minutes a day on social media


Avg Social Networks

The average person bounces between seven different social networks per month.

Still Not Social?

For businesses wondering when to start making greater investments in social, the time is now. The sooner you start embracing social media as a critical business function, the farther the strong social current will take you. Companies that fail to do so risk being left behind.

Why It's Important

Small businesses today can no longer afford to ignore the importance of having a presence on social media. Not only is it an incredibly effective way to reach out to a larger audience than ever before, but it also provides customers with a platform to offer feedback, share experiences, and even make recommendations regarding certain products and services. With people now spending more time online than ever before, engaging in conversations through various social media accounts is essential for building customer relationships and gaining better insight into consumer trends. Moreover, dynamic content such as visuals, stories, polls, videos etc. can help establish your business as an industry leader and capture the attention of new potential customers while continuing to strengthen relationships with existing ones. In short, having a strong social media presence is key for small businesses in modern times.