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Discover the benefits of Google's Local Services Ads in our latest blog post, where Lifted Gaze Marketing explains how these targeted ads can enhance visibility and trust for local businesses in the DFW area, and why our expert management of LSAs is key to maximizing your online impact.

At Lifted Gaze, we’re thrilled to dive into the world of Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs) and explain why they’re a game-changer for local businesses. Understanding LSAs and leveraging them effectively can revolutionize how you connect with your local audience. Very rarely in are there opportunities that help all parties involved. With Google’s LSAs, not only do business get the quality phone calls from active customers looking for their services, but customers can contact businesses with confidence knowing they have been guaranteed by Google. So let’s explore more of what these Local Service Ads are all about.

What are Local Services Ads (LSAs)?

Local Services Ads are a type of advertising provided by Google specifically tailored for local service providers. Unlike traditional Google Ads, LSAs appear at the very top of Google Search results, higher than the sponsored ads, giving businesses prime real estate on the search page. This positioning is crucial for visibility, as it puts your business front and center when potential customers are actively searching for the services you offer. But the most impactful feature is your listing doesn’t look like an ad. Most customers avoid ads, and with an LSA, your company just looks like a Google approved business, which is huge for building customer trust.

How Are Local Service Ads Different from Google Ads?

Local Service Ads differ from traditional Google Ads in several key ways, making them uniquely beneficial for businesses seeking local customers.

  1. Targeting Local Services: Local Service Ads are designed specifically for local businesses offering services like plumbing, electrical work, cleaning, and similar. This targeted approach connects you directly with potential customers in your service area who are actively seeking your services.
  2. Pay Per Lead, Not Click: Unlike Google Ads, where you pay per click, Local Service Ads operate on a pay-per-lead basis. You’re charged only when a potential customer contacts you through the ad, making it a cost-effective solution.
  3. Google Guarantee Badge: When you’re approved for Local Service Ads, you receive a Google Guarantee badge. This badge, displayed on your ad, builds trust and credibility. It assures customers that Google backs your services, offering them a refund up to a certain amount if they’re not satisfied with your work.
  4. Ranking Factors: Local Service Ads ranking is determined by factors such as proximity to the user’s location, review score and number of reviews, responsiveness to customer inquiries and requests, and business hours. Google Ads, on the other hand, are influenced by bid amount, ad quality, and relevance.
  5. Simplified Ad Format: Local Service Ads have a simpler format compared to Google Ads. They typically display your business name, phone number, hours, ratings, and the Google Guarantee badge, providing essential information to customers upfront.
  6. Direct Customer Connection: These ads allow customers to call or message you directly from the ad, facilitating immediate, direct interaction.
  7. Verification and Background Checks: To participate in Local Service Ads, businesses undergo a verification and background check process, ensuring a high trust level for customers.

In essence, Local Service Ads offer a specialized, cost-effective, and trust-building platform for local service providers to reach customers in their vicinity, complementing the broader reach and detailed targeting options available through traditional Google Ads.

How are LSAs Earned

How are Local Service Ads Earned?

To get started with LSAs, businesses must undergo a thorough verification process, including background checks, license checks, and insurance checks, ensuring that only legitimate, reliable providers are featured. This can be a confusing and prolonged process. At Lifted Gaze, we handle the entire application process for you, from start to Green Check Mark. We have extensive experience in this process and know how to keep the process moving forward in your favor.

What Prevents My Business from Getting A Local Service Ad Account?

There could be several factors that might prevent your business from qualifying for a Local Service Ad account. Understanding these barriers is key to optimizing your approach and potentially becoming eligible for this advertising platform:

  1. Business Category and Location: Local Service Ads are available only for certain business categories and in specific locations. If your business doesn’t fall into one of the supported categories or isn’t located in an area where Local Service Ads are offered, you won’t be able to create an account.
  2. Licensing and Insurance Requirements: Google requires businesses to have certain licenses and insurance coverage to participate in Local Service Ads. If your business lacks the necessary licenses or insurance, your account application could be denied.
  3. Background Checks: Google conducts background checks on businesses and their employees as part of the vetting process for Local Service Ads. Any issues or failures in these background checks could result in an inability to create an account.
  4. Reputation and Reviews: Your online reputation, including customer reviews, plays a significant role. A business with poor ratings or a lack of sufficient reviews may not be considered for Local Service Ads.
  5. Business Information and Verification: Incomplete, inaccurate, or unverified business information can be a hindrance. Google requires accurate and verified information for Local Service Ads.
  6. Adherence to Google’s Policies: Non-compliance with Google’s advertising policies can result in disqualification. It’s important to ensure that your business practices and ad content align with Google’s standards.
  7. Operational Capacity: Google may assess whether your business has the operational capacity to respond to the leads generated. If your business is not equipped to handle an increase in customer inquiries or service requests, it might affect your eligibility.
  8. Competitive Market: In highly competitive markets, there may be limited spots available for Local Service Ads, making it harder to secure an account.

To enhance your chances of getting a Local Service Ad account, it’s advisable to ensure that your business complies with all requirements, maintains a strong online reputation, and stays updated on the availability and conditions of Local Service Ads in your specific industry and location.

The Value of LSAs to Local Businesses

The value of LSAs for local businesses is immense. Most businesses have horror stories of paying for PPC (pay per click) ads that seems to always generate clicks and impressions, but never seem to convert. Unlike PPC campaigns, LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead basis, meaning you only pay when a potential customer contacts you through the ad. This model is incredibly cost-effective, ensuring that your marketing budget is spent on leads with high conversion potential. Along with a high conversion rate, Google allows all calls that are not leads (spam calls or call not related to your listed services) to be disputed. Again, Lifted Gaze will monitor each and every interaction with your LSA and handle the dispute process for you. Additionally, LSAs come with a Google Guarantee badge, instilling confidence in potential customers by backing your business with a Google-vetted seal of approval. 

Why Choose Lifted Gaze Marketing to Manage Your LSAs?

At Lifted Gaze Marketing, we specialize in optimizing your LSAs to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. Our team of experts understands the nuances of local search marketing and employs the latest strategies to make your business stand out. We handle the intricate details of setting up and managing your LSAs, from the verification process to optimizing your ad for the most relevant keywords.

Our services are 100% Guaranteed. If we fail to get your business verified by Google, then you pay nothing. We want skin in the game with you and our contracts begin once you get your green check mark.

We’re not just about getting you to the top of search results; we’re about building trust with your local community. Our approach is designed to enhance your brand’s reputation and online presence, turning clicks into loyal customers.

For more detailed insights on Google’s LSA service, check out these authoritative sources:

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Local Services Ads are an invaluable tool for local businesses looking to boost their online presence and connect with their community. With Lifted Gaze Marketing’s expertise, your business won’t just be seen; it’ll be remembered. Let’s transform your local advertising strategy together. Contact us today to get started!

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